Egyptian emeralds


Egyptian Emeralds are one of my favorite casino game types because of their regal quality. The Egyptian theme is based on a time period that spans thousands of years ago. The sun, rising over the great pyramids, is an inspiration for this casino game type. The bright, regal coloration of the Egyptian Emeralds slot machine spices up the idea that ancient aliens had some kind hand in the creation of this era-old society. Green, blue, red, and yellow symbols line up the five-by-3 slot machine matrix, each adorned with a different graphical version of symbols found on other classic slots games, including… well, other slots! This is actually where the similarity to the “Genie” theme ends.

The slots themselves are not the source of this game's appeal; instead, it is the elegant colors that grab attention. I have a hard time picturing what the ancient Egyptian citizens had to play for, but judging by how the symbols are arranged on the gemstones used in the machine, it seems these people may have been playing a game of chance. The symbols on the five-by-3 slot machine are arranged in the shape of a pyramid, which is used in Mathematics. We can all remember the Fibonacci formula (which is used in countless other products in science, technology, medicine, etc), and if we knew how to convert the Fibonacci equation to a machine that played the symbols we could indeed use this to our advantage (of course, we would also need a Fibonacci calculator to do this, which is why I would recommend getting one). These symbols, then, are Fibonacci numbers (where each symbol represents a number that is multiples of one).

There are other stories that surround the origins of slots (such as those about how a gambler won a fortune by spinning a wheel), but since this game has yet to gain major popularity today, it is unlikely anyone will learn about these stories before time. Regardless of how these symbols on the slot machines were initially used (probably through tradition), there is no denying the fun that can be had by trying your luck at winning these beautiful colorful wild symbols. This game requires no prior knowledge, and anyone can play (although some slots sites require that you have certain software installed on your computer), so this is one slot machine that is fun for everyone.

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