Festive indulgence


Festive Indulgence isn’t your typical slot machine. It’s a new-age old-school basic black jack with only 9 possible lines across a normal 5 reel slot grid. That’s not the cutest thing in the world either. That’s okay though because Festive Indulgence makes an excellent home slot machine. Playing on this casino game means playing it at home where there’s no noise, no heat, and no crowds.

What could be better than playing your favorite casino game from your easy chair during the Christmas season? That’s right; playing on the Christmas slots is a great way to ring in the New Year with good cheer. What could be better than playing a new slot game after the stress of the holidays? The slots at Festive Indulgence offer a unique experience that no other casino would be able to provide. It’s a classic old fashioned time honored way of giving pleasure to your slot gaming junkies.

The graphics on the Festive Indulgence look very nice. They are bright and lively with lots of flashing icons and a Christmas theme. Some of the graphics include: the jackpot, bonus icons, the red and green pipes, the festive cheer, the Christmas tree, the reindeer on the reels, and a number of other festive icons. The nice thing about these graphics is they don’t distract from the playability of the machine. Even the reels look nice and smooth and there is sufficient background noise to prevent the players from becoming distracted by the visuals.

One of the best things about the Festive Indulgence slot machine is the nice selection of Christmas presents you can get while you play. There are a total of nine active offers in all; three each for reels one, two, and three. With the Christmas Present bonus, there are four multipliers associated with it. Each of these multipliers has a different prize value associated with it so you can expect to win something good after playing the Christmas presentation.

The graphics on the Christmas theme reels feature a lot of popular symbols from around the world such as: snowmen, gingerbread houses, mistletoe, and Christmas trees. Some of the symbols on the Christmas theme reels even have a Christmas theme! The reels also have Christmas symbols on them such as: stocking, which is a symbol of Christmas stockings, bells, which is a symbol of bells, wreaths which is a symbol of wreaths, and candy canes which is a symbol of candy canes. Some of the icons on the graphics on the festive indulgence have nothing to do with the theme of the slot machines at all. For example, the symbol for the wild wreath on the green reel might just be a flower that has been placed there by accident.

As you can see, the design of the Christmas theme on the slot machines gives you a lot of options as far as how you want to play the game. You can use the various symbols that are on the graphics to your advantage and try to get as many items as possible by spinning the reels and using the bonus symbols. This will earn you a higher amount of spins and bonus points which will add up to your points and allow you to get items such as the Gingerbread Man, which symbolizes Christmas time! Other symbols used in the game include: the Christmas tree, presents, red and green lights, a star, and more. This means that you can really have fun with this fun game with the various icons representing every holiday imaginable!

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