Money Bling: Top Three Best-Rated E-Wallet Services for Casinos

Money Bling Top Three Best-Rated E-Wallet Services for Casinos

The casino industry is also changing. From the brick and mortar setup, people now opt to play online. As you try to search for trusted casinos, one thing you check is the payment partners. Today, we are going to talk about e-wallet services.

Why Do People Prefer Using E-Wallet Than Credit/Debit Cards?

Some people find this method safer and faster. Some of them do not require you to give your bank account details. Plus, they are more convenient to use. You only need to tap a few tabs, and you shall see your deposits in no time. If you used it for withdrawal, some might take at least a day to process your request.

What Are the Most Common E-Wallet Services That You Can Use Online?

Before you pick an e-wallet service, please make sure that it is available in any casinos. Some of them are available only in Europe or in some parts of Asia. It is also crucial that it has a mobile app. You can transact with casinos at any time and anywhere.

Below are the best online payment service providers that you should not miss.

#1. Trustly

This e-wallet service started in 2008 under InstantBank. You do not need to register again in this app if you signed up already to an online casino. All you need is log in to that casino, pick Trustly, and provide your bank and the amount you want to deposit.

However, you should check first if that casino charges for service fees. Trustly may be free, but some casinos add some amount when using online services. When you are using this method, you have an assurance that your money is safe. Also, it is a more convenient way to make transactions as it is compatible with any device.

Finally, this e-wallet service is also available for withdrawals. Unlike others, you do not need to wait for 3-5 working days before getting your winnings. It shall reflect on your bank account instantly.

#2. Skrill

Its former name was Moneybookers. Skrill started in 2011, and it rebranded in 2013. Today, it is an e-wallet service giant reaching more than 130 million users. Unlike Trustly, you need to create an account in Skrill. It will ask you to fill in some personal information and your bank account.

The best thing about this option is any casinos welcome Skrill to their list of payment methods. This move makes it a more convenient choice for players. Plus, the team is prompt so that you can process your deposit and withdrawals without any hassle.

#3. PayPal

This one is more popular in Asia. Like the first two picks, this one also a more straightforward method to use in online casinos. It uses advanced security measures, so you will not worry if third-party individuals can access your account.

The most significant downer of this service is its availability. Not all casinos added PayPal to their choices, but this choice is the perfect fit for Japan, the Philippines, or China.


As you venture into online casinos, you should choose a payment service that you can trust. The ones mentioned above are only a few examples that you can try for your deposits and withdrawals. Please make sure that it fits your needs and lifestyle.

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