Unique in Europe: Countries Open to Online Gambling

Unique in Europe Four Countries Open to Online Gambling

While Las Vegas and Macau are some of the world’s largest casino sites, Europe is not falling behind. It may not have the grandest halls, but online gambling in Europe is booming. For years, more countries opened their gates to virtual slots and poker. People love them, and it is an excellent source for the economy.

Some online gaming bodies are present in Europe, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. Casinos seek their approval to operate under legal terms. If you ever wonder where you can play casinos freely in Europe, below are some of them.

Online Gambling in Europe

#1. United Kingdom  Online Gambling UKApart from being a home to the crowned family, the UK is also a perfect place to gamble online. Some of the known casinos originated here like William Hill and Bet365 Casino. The best thing about UK-based casinos is they offer a safe and secure space to players. Plus, the bonuses are quite exciting if you are into real money games. Most of them are also available in another language to make the sites friendlier to other nationalities.

#2. Finland

Finland opened its doors to web-based gambling in 1996. However, this country follows a unique rule on who can operate in the state.

It has three state-run casinos that hold all online gambling in the country: Fintoto Oy, Ray, and Oy Vekkaius AB. They regulate casino games, horse racing, and other sports betting activities.

However, Finland does not have a law that bars its people from joining foreign casinos. That is why even if the online casino is not from Finland, Finnish players can still sign up and join the community.

#3. Germany

Online gambling laws in Germany are also unique. It is illegal and legal to gamble in the state. Generally, it is unlawful for someone to create a gambling site within the country, but playing online is not regulated. Some experts may say that the prohibition includes betting online, but law enforcers do not implement it strictly.

While there are web-based casinos that support Germany, there is a caveat here. Once your money gets into trouble due to phishing or hacking, there is no German law to protect you. Better yet, you have to be careful with your online activities.

#4. Malta

In a small island south of Europe, you can locate Malta. It may be small, but it is a famous country in online gambling. The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the world’s most massive bodies that cater to online casinos’ license. Apart from permitting them to operate, Malta is also home to many casino websites.

One of the reasons Malta is a favorite in the industry is that it offers lower tax rates to operators while keeping fair play standards.

Bottom Line

Europe is a power hub when it comes to online casinos. Some parts of the region allow and even provide permission for casino companies to operate. If you are to browse casino websites, it is quite rare to find one that does not support any European countries.

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